Zac Master: The Rock Super Hero

The masses’ frenzy rose anew. The actual sighting of the glorified four created complete pandemonium as lasers blazed across the stage and lightning bolts electrified the sky. Zac Master and the Stratoblasters had officially arrived.

The mighty minstrels of the greatest show anywhere enthusiastically smiled and waved to their legions while positioning themselves on the stage. The crowd, on the brink of total hysteria, welcomed them with cheers that grew even louder with the anticipation of that first note.

In the darkness behind the stage, silhouettes and shadows moved fervently with purpose and speed preparing for the inevitable backlash. All the equipment secured and electrified, hummed with unadulterated power. The last tool connected and strapped in its proper place, the stainless steel parts shimmered with a glow that signaled the beginning of another miraculous show.

It was time.

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